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Tulipa humilis Persian Pearl

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Tulipa humilis Persian Pearl has deep magenta coloured flowers with silvery backed petals. It has been bred from Tulipa humilis which is found in North Western Iran and Eastern Turkey where it grows at altitude on rocky scree slopes right up to 12000 ft ( 4000m) often near the snow line. It is a highly variable species in the wild with flowers that can be pink, purple or lilac with a yellow dark purple or dark blue blotch at the centre. It has low leaves that lie nearly flat to the ground.

Planting Instructions

Tulipa humilis Persian Pearl bulbs should be planted about 3" (8cm) deep and 2-3" (5-8cm) apart in a sunny site and well drained soil. They need full sunlight to stay short.

Plant Details

Flowers April
Height 4" (10cm)

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