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Crocosmia Lambrook Gold

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Montbretias are named after the French botanist Monsieur de Montbret who accompanied Napoleon in the Egypt campaign of 1798. They are now correctly grouped into the Crocosmia genus whose name is derived from the Greek (krokos) for saffron and (osme) for smell which describes the saffron scent that is given off by the dried flowers when rehydrated. The common Garden Monbretia is a hybrid between Crocosmia pottsii and Crocosmia aurea, two species which grow naturally near streams or in woodland in South Africa. Lambrook Gold has many rounded small golden apricot yellow flowers on a good strong stem with paler than usual foliage, easy and increasing. Bare root bulbs.

Planting Instructions

These lovely staples of the summer herbaceous border will not flourish on poor dry soil - they must have rich soil and summer moisture. They are hardy once established deeply but do benefit from winter mulching to protect any early shoots in cooler areas. Plant 4-6"(10-15cm) apart and 6 " deep and water well on planting.  It is helpful to plan to split the clumps every 3-4years as this helps to prevent them declining.  Golden yellow flowers on a strong stem in August with relatively pale foliage.  Easy and increasing.

Plant Details

Flowers    August
Height      24" (60cm)

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