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Hedychium densiflorum Assam Orange

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Completely hardy, the same form as collected by Kingdon Ward in 1938, with many narrow, scented orange flowers. Vigorous and increasing, and if you need a late summer screen these would provide it and a verdant jungly atmosphere at the same time. Larger numbers are available - please enquire.

Planting Instructions

These are big pieces of root (Hedychium are in the same family as the Gingers so these ought to look a bit familiar?) The buds are pinkish and sometimes showing. Either plant outside in sheltered sunny gardens, 4" (10 cm) deep and 14" (35 cm) apart or possibly in big pot and protect that in winter. They love a sunny site and to reach their jungly potential need quite a bit of water in the summer. Orange flowered, plants reaching 30" tall in Aug & Sept. (the height will depend on how much sun they will get, with broad, glossy foliage.

Plant Details

Flowers       August/September
Height         30" (75cm)

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