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Amaryllis x amarygia parkeri alba

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A hybrid between Amaryllis and Brunsvigia producing what are generally very large bulbs. They have several apple white trumpet shaped flowers, sometimes with a hint of pink, which encircle a green stem with extended stamens. Highly perfumed. 

At the time that they flower they have hardly any leaf, this emerges after flowering and persists through to July with wide, fleshy foliage. It is this that is at risk in very cold weather and the reason why the plants need to be planted in sheltered situations, or grown under protection in colder areas.

Planting Instructions

Best in a cool greenhouse or sheltered walled garden. Plant against a sunny wall outside, or in a container in a cool conservatory, 4" (10cm) deep. In leaf in winter so best in a sheltered warm site, dry and sun warmed in July ideally. 

Plant Details

Flowers    September/October
Height      20" (50cm)

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