Snowdrops in the Green

The price is for one snowdrop unless otherwise stated.

There is probably not another list that offers such a range of Snowdrops for sale. It is the culmination of many years of collecting, maintaining, cosseting, twin scaling and nurturing that the late Alan Street, the head nurseryman at Avon Bulbs "forever", has put into the collection. The number of snowdrops offered now numbers nearly 200 varieties. It might be said that snowdrops are all the same with white petals and green foliage but the keen eye can spot the differences between habit, size, markings and time of flowering. Further information

Galanthus images courtesy of Janet Lecore, Mark Smyth, Matt Bishop, Eddie Roberts, Petra Wagner, Martina Bell, Richard Bashford, National Collection (Scientific) of Margaret and David MacLennan, Alan Street and Chris Ireland-Jones.

Further snowdrop information

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