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Anthericum ramosum

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The ‘Branched St Bernard’s Lily’, with many wiry flower stems bearing starry white flowers. From early summer there are flowers present though scattered over the spikes with a bit of a crescendo in July. An easy to grow hardy perennial for a sunny spot. From 1 litre pots.

Planting Instructions

A hardy perennial. Plant out into fairly well drained soils in sunny conditions. Once established they are very drought tolerant but in more moist conditions their flowering will be extended. The stems are very tough and wiry, the flowers appear over many weeks in the late summer and reach to about 24" (60 cm). They would prefer not to be waterlogged in winter. The roots can spread quite a long way from the plant. Allow about 14” (35 cm) spread. No attention needed !

Plant Details

Flowers    July / September

Height      24" (60cm)

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