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Triteleia Rudy

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Triteleia Rudy is very eye catching and ''different'' with up to 25 white flowers per stem with a striking violet blue stripe down the centre of each petal. These long lasting early summer flowering bulbs originally came from north-west America and although once known as Brodiaea are now reclassified as Triteleia.

Planting Instructions

Triteleias are North American in origin (and used to be called Brodiaeas). They are perfectly hardy bulbs well able to survive our winters. They are sun lovers and better in more direct light. They are also very drought resistant once established and their papery flowers last a good long time, indeed are used by florists quite a bit. Plant them 3" (8cm) deep and 2-3" (5-8cm) apart in fairly free draining soils. Rudy is one of the darker ones with bright white flowers nearly covered in purple blue down the middle of each segment. June flowering about 18" (45 cm) tall.

Plant Details

Flowers June
Height 18" (45cm)

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